Welcome, Friends.

“If everyone in the world started writing a blog, would you start writing one, too?”

Well, folks, it appears that I would. Welcome to the site that will be devoted to my ramblings. I’m a 25-year-old lawyer-turned-editor who embraces her nerdiness and who occasionally has some things she’d like to say – publicly, apparently.

What’s up with the blog name, anyway? Growing up, I was a pretty smart gal when it came to school, but I was not-so-great with street smarts and common sense.  After one of my many goofs, my dad jokingly started calling me “Mensa blonde” – an incredibly smart dumb person. It’s a nickname that I’ve always loved and by which I have never been offended. Tack on my most recent (and I hope, last) degree (“Esq.,” bitches), and you’ve got the blog name. It’s a pretty good way to describe me in a nutshell.

Beyond creating the name, I have not formulated any specific theme for this blog. Sometimes, I’ll rant. Sometimes, I’ll ask for your opinion on something. Sometimes, I’ll just ponder. Just bear with me while I give this blogging thing a try.


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