Thisclose To End-of-Week

It’s been a quiet week – not much exciting going on, and nothing’s really sparked the creative vibe for me to write. I did get to spend some time at the West Side Market on Monday (random vacation day from work) – God, I love that place. One of Cleveland’s real gems. The rest of the week has been uneventful.

Don’t worry – I haven’t been spending all of my time playing Zelda . . . I got the game last Wednesday and played a little each day until Sunday, when I got to the final battle with Ganon.

(He throws all kinds of shit at you for a couple minutes. You really need to load up on potions before this one.)

It didn’t seem right to finish the game without Ajooma there (Mary Kate and Grizzly had been present while I played the rest of the time), so I haven’t played at all this week. But I’ll be beating the game this weekend. And that is exciting. (I have other stuff going on, too. Don’t fear for my social life.)

Oh, and I decided to take advantage of Fitworks offering two free personal training sessions when you get a membership there. My first session is tonight and the next one will be Tuesday. I don’t know why I’m nervous about it, but I am. The last “personal trainer” I had was when I took Weight Training as an elective in high school and my dad’s old football coach was teaching it. He had charts on the walls that showed step-ups to work up to the next level. I wish I had those charts – then I’d be all set (pun intended?).

In short, there’s really no point to this post. It’s funny, though, how once you start blogging, you feel obligated to post at least once per week and say something. I promise I’ll have something more relevant to say next time. Thanks for sticking this one out, guys :-D.


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