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Make and Model

I’ve always thought that cars say a lot
about their drivers.
I remember seeing yours the first time
in my old rearview mirror:
it was older, cared for, simple,
with a kind of old-school manliness.
It had character.
I loved it and all its flaws –
the crippled window, the leaky tire,
the scent that gave it its rhyming name.
But it kept me cool during one scorching summer
when I needed it most,
when my car let me down.
I have a different car now.
I’m sure it says different things
than the one I traded in.
But, even in my new rearview mirror,
my eyes (subconsciously)
scan the roads for yours,
searching for that tell-tale black moon roof –
the fedora that a gentlemanly car would wear –
not knowing what good there’d be
in finding what they seek.


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