Make and Model

I’ve always thought that cars say a lot
about their drivers.
I remember seeing yours the first time
in my old rearview mirror:
it was older, cared for, simple,
with a kind of old-school manliness.
It had character.
I loved it and all its flaws –
the crippled window, the leaky tire,
the scent that gave it its rhyming name.
But it kept me cool during one scorching summer
when I needed it most,
when my car let me down.
I have a different car now.
I’m sure it says different things
than the one I traded in.
But, even in my new rearview mirror,
my eyes (subconsciously)
scan the roads for yours,
searching for that tell-tale black moon roof –
the fedora that a gentlemanly car would wear –
not knowing what good there’d be
in finding what they seek.


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One response to “Make and Model

  1. Cars say a lot
    about themselves.
    They handle how they are taught
    to handle.
    They handle, sometimes,
    their handlers
    and in noticing their fragrance,
    we notice our own.


    Sometimes, though, we notice
    that what we crave more than
    the cars
    (or the drivers)
    is simple.

    A need within us from the first splitting
    of one cell into two.

    Just movement.

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