Fair Trade

Gulping bitter coffee,
drinking active brain cells
to get me through a lecture
that makes me laugh
and makes me feel inadequate,
praying for a moment of clarity.

Slurping cold espresso,
mourning dead brain cells —
drowned in hops and barley
under the guise of celebration —
reading black letters,
sometimes comprehending them.

Sipping black coffee,
gently waking brain cells
that danced
til late last night,
preemptively celebrating
the end in sight.

Drinking an Irish Coffee,
calming exhausted brain cells,
chatting with my Maker
and relaxing
for the first time
since Five.

Gulping free coffee,
reviving catatonic brain cells
and settling a nervous stomach
while all I can think of
is escape
in another Irish Coffee.

Enjoying warm, free coffee,
letting happy brain cells
indulge in creativity,
confident and calm
now that the moment of clarity
is no longer just a moment.



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