I Friggin’ Love Cleveland

I wish I’d written this brilliant article about Cleveland sports and Cleveland fans. It’s pretty perfect. Particularly this portion:

It’s easy to look at all the history in Cleveland, come here and talk to people, see games like the Indians Wednesday or Hoyer’s injury Thursday, and walk away baffled by how awful sports can be for some fans. But that’s not actually how it feels when you talk to people around here.

Losing sucks, but most people in this city have a pretty good sense of humor about it. They can complain about everything, but then laugh about it. And win or lose, sports still give everyone a great excuse to get excited about something, ditch work early, show up, and throw a gigantic party. . .

More than anything else, diving into Cleveland sports for two days was just a solid reminder of something I learned a long time ago as a Wizards fan: The worst teams always have the best fans. Losing weeds out all the entitled people, and you’re left with a much better group. People who have a sense of humor, people who get irrationally excited about guys like Travis Benjamin, and people who never stop showing up regardless of what happened last time. In a sports world dominated by stats and market size and expert analysis, the people who don’t give a shit about the odds are probably more fun than anyone. And that’s Cleveland.


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  1. Cleveland sports fans; true toughness, grit, character, and integrity. No bandwagon spots available for our teams!

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