“I don’t think I can do this, Faith.
It’s like I said before:
I’m lost,” Love said. Her legs gave way
and she sank to the floor.

Her hair, a falling curtain, and
her graceful limbs askew,
her tired eyes looked up at Faith
and asked, “What do I do?”

“There’s too much noise around you
and it’s deafening,” Faith said.
“I think that, more than anything,
you need to clear your head.

“You’re in the best position to
decide what’s best for you.
That said, I think some time alone
is long past overdue.”

“Alone,” Love said, and let the word
hang by itself mid-air.
And, nodding with approval, she said,
“Yes, but tell me where.”

“A place that feels like home to you
or where you’d disappear.
Both will work to clear your mind —
go anywhere but here.”

“Escape,” Love said, “sounds perfect, and
it doesn’t have to last
much longer than a day or two —
just till this feeling’s passed.”

Love got back up and straightened, then
she breathed a tired sigh.
“Thanks,” Love said. “I needed that.
I’m so glad you came by.”

*As part of National Poetry Month, I’m writing at least one poem each day in April. This is the second poem.


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