Names I’ve Been Called

He wouldn’t stop calling me Samuel —
as though it was the most clever thing in the world
to turn Sam(antha) into Sam(uel).
I tried niceness (“Please stop it.”)
and understanding (“Why do you keep doing that?”)
and irritation (“Come on! It’s not even that funny!”)
and silence ( ).
And still he kept at it,
breaking it sometimes into two sounds (“SAH myul”)
and sometimes into two words (“Sam … MULE”).
Then I tried retaliation.
I was too young to know there were Briannas in this world,
so the best I could come up with was Brian(etta).
“What’s up, Sam MULE?”
“Leave me alone, Brianetta.”
He laughed, and I felt stupid —
but he stopped calling me Samuel.



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2 responses to “Names I’ve Been Called

  1. “She’s a man…. DUH!!” So original. I feel you, brah.

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