Wherever I May Roam

It might be that Dad is in the basement,
blasting …And Justice for All
or Ride the Lightning or Kill ‘Em All,
dripping sweat and belting lyrics
while panting on the treadmill.

It might be that I’m cooking
green bean casserole for Thanksgiving,
and Dad is tearing up on the staircase
because he hears me singing
and I know all the words
to Low Man’s Lyric.

It might be my sisters and I
getting emotional every time we hear
Nothing Else Matters
because ever since we can remember,
it’s the only phrase we’ve seen Dad write
in every greeting card he’s bought for Mom.

It doesn’t matter whether James plays
with Kirk and Cliff or Jason
(or sometimes even Robert) —
any time I hear
their harmonizing guitars,
I’m home.



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