Good Morning (Reprise)

You finally know my name.
Like every other day, I looked for you.
And like every other day, I said “hi” and you said “hello”
while I walked past.
But unlike every other day, today I stopped.
I added, “I’m Sam, by the way,”
and you told me your name even though I already knew it,
and you told me a story,
and I said you were a good man,
and then you sipped your coffee
and I resumed walking.

And now, I can’t stop smiling.

Because for the next little while,
this dress will be the I Told Him My Name dress.
Because these earrings will be the I’m Sam By The Way earrings.
Because today is the Day I Introduced Myself.
Because I wanted you to know my name —
and finally, you do.


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  1. *cranks Jimi Hendrix’s, “Foxy Lady.”*

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