Crazy Girls

My Dears,

You’ve done the rest of us
a great disservice
by getting to the good men
before we did.

You’ve made them believe
that there’s nothing to believe in.

You’ve made them frightened,
skittish, skeptical.

You’ve made it that much harder
for me to do the simple things
like ask him out for coffee
or say congratulations when I mean it
without any strings attached.

You’ve made them second-guess
and read between the lines
as though everything I say
means something else.

You’ve made them think
we’re all like you —
manipulative, disingenuous,
unaccepting, unpredictable.

I hate you for it.

And yet.

All you’ve done in the end
is highlight the fact that
I’m a rare, exotic, worthy woman.
You’ve made my should-be common traits
stand out as the exception to the rule.
And I do so love
to shatter low expectations
and angry preconceptions
to little smithereens

So fuck you.
But thanks, I guess.


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