What Am I Thinking?

Can you imagine, I ask,
if they ever asked us what we were thinking —
and we answered with no filter
She giggles.
“Right this moment?”she mocks.
Right this moment, I say.

“Just tell me you love me already.”
But don’t, because what the hell would I do with that?
“Because I’m in love with you…”
but I don’t want to be your girlfriend.
“Sleep with me…”
because we’d make really great babies —
“but wait. I don’t want to marry you. I just want great sex.”
Except that I do want to marry you.
“But I won’t again in five minutes.”
Don’t bother me every five minutes with a text.
“But I’d love it if you thought about me all day.”
Did I mention I want to be your girlfriend?
“Because I don’t.”
…but I kind of do.
“What’s hard to understand?”

All at once,
all right this moment.
It’s quite the filter
we’ve built for ourselves.


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