July 17th

My day
(they call it “mine,”
but I share it with at least one…
two, actually…maybe even a million others…).
Strike that.
This day, to me,
is exactly that –
a day.
It was once a day for milestones –
to drive, to donate blood, to vote,
to drink, to rent a car.
It was, a few times,
a day for disappointments –
the failed test (twice), the lack-of-iron denial,
the wrong candidate, the blackout-drunk,
the I’ve-still-never-rented-one.
Now, I’ve made it mine.
Not half of the eternal pair.
Not impossible expectations.
Not their decisions on my behalf.
Alone – in name and in atmosphere.
My recharge, relaxation,
renewal, rediscovery.
And that
is gift enough
for me.


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