What a dangerous word.
It’s been too easy to fall into
the trap that is tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I’ll set the budget.
Tomorrow, I’ll write more.
Tomorrow, I’ll clean the clutter.
Tomorrow, it all starts.

The more I type it (t o m o r r o w),
the more I say it (too-mahr-oh),
the less real it is.
And that’s the trap.
Tomorrow isn’t real.

Today, however…

Now that’s a word
that means something.



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4 responses to “Tomorrow

  1. Today’s Reply:

    How lovely, though.
    How lovely to live in that nebulous space. That nothing.
    That hope or fear. Whatever it is.
    It could be anything. That’s its magic.

    Today. Break it into minutes. Moments. Cells. Atoms.
    Whatever is after that.
    The tapping of a fingernail as we wait for something
    to happen
    to make it all different

  2. You should post these on your blog. I love the back-and-forth poetry we have going on 🙂

  3. I’m taking a break from the FWOB project because I feel like I’ve started posting crap just to post something. I’m waiting for my next wind.

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