She Wallows

She spends so much time talking about believing
that she’s all but talked herself out of it entirely.

She spends so much time fretting over a number
as though it marks the Game of Life finish line
that she hasn’t even remembered
that she has to roll the dice
to play.

She spends so much time
losing time.

I both pity and blame her
because it’s all in her control,
and I have no patience
for women who spend all their time
pretending to be lost.



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4 responses to “She Wallows

  1. You inspired your neurotic sister to write another poem in response to something that, it turns out, has nothing to do with her. If freaking out about nothing was an Olympic sport, I’d have gold. Lots and lots o’ gold.

  2. Is this about me? Teasing. I feel this way sometimes, but I really like the assertive, almost aggressive ending stanza. However, the last line shows that the author has faith in the girls abilities, which is beautiful.

    • Hahaha nope – I’d only write awesome things about you. I always find it interesting what people get out of the poem. It’s always different than what I intended, but in a good way. The beauty of poetry is that it means something different to everyone even when it’s written about something specific.

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