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Clink, clink, clink

At first, I thought it was
one of those Patron Saint medals.
Saint Christopher, maybe —
the one who carried a child Christ,
heavy with the weight of the world.
It rested in that hollow
right at the base of your throat,
and when I reached out to touch it,
I brushed your warm skin
with my cold, sure fingers.

But later, as it softly
clink, clink, clinked
in rhythm with our movement,
I decided I liked it much more
knowing that it was just a small charm
that suited you.


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There are some men
whose voices
just resonate.
His is one.

My cells absorb
his frequency
and ripple
like gentle water
in time with the words
he’s speaking, singing.

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Three, that I worked with him.
Ten, since I’ve seen him.
Twenty, between my age and his.
Two, since we started working
only yards apart but never knew.

And now,
we are having
a most timely conversation.

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Big Sister

She doesn’t remember.

She sees my solid form
instead of my blurred edges.

Those edges wherein
I am passing into darkness,
slowed by alcohol and desperation,
spilling wine as I fall asleep,
forgetting my promise to stay conscious.
Those edges wherein
I cannot, for the life of me,
figure out what happened
to that fucking shower curtain
that’s two feet shorter
since the night before.
Those blurred quiet edges,
interrupted by the crunching with chex mix
and the slurp of drunken soba noodles
and the clink of checking empty bottles.
Those fringe years
when my Monopoly money
bought us both –
bought her Time
and bought me Life.

But all I can think is,
Who could possibly forget?


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They don’t look familiar —
those long, detached
pieces of hair
I was using
as a curtain.
But I see now
that there are
enough of them on the floor
to make a wig
for someone else entirely.
But I guess that’s the point,
isn’t it?
That now,
I’m someone else

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I know it’s been too long since I’ve written with any regularity, but I will get better – and I have news! Two pieces that I wrote here have won awards and placement in my company’s annual Fine Art Show! The show features visual and written work created by current and retired employees. Two panels of judges (one for Visual submissions and one for Literary submissions) decide which pieces get into the show, and they award cash prizes to outstanding Visual and Literary works. My poems were among the winners in the Literary category, so they’ll be displayed alongside the artwork at a local gallery for a few weeks.

The poem That Sinking Feeling: A Montage (with minor edits) won Top Place (tied for First Place!), and the poem Glass Breaking (again, with minor edits) won an Honorable Mention.

My creative writing hasn’t won any prizes since Power of the Pen in eighth grade (I think…), so this feels pretty damn great.

Thanks for reading and encouraging and sticking with me while I sometimes write things! 🙂

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