In the Biblical sense

There will always be stories that I’ve never read.
Even as an avid reader,
the volumes available to me
far outnumber the hours I can feasibly dedicate
to absorbing them all.
But these ones I will know.

These ones that used to remind me
of guilt, shame, fear —
now, they remind me
of so many beautiful, lasting things.

Like the song lyrics
my dad would say in a voicemail
at 2AM — night shift —
no hello or goodbye.
Just the lyrics:
a modern take on Exodus.

Or like the first-place medal
we won for being able
to write clear instructions
and then to build the model:
Israelites building an ark and tabernacle.

Stories that, without realizing it,
I’ve been drawn to all my life
because they resonate somewhere deep:
in memories and favorite characters
and hard lessons and good people.

For a few minutes each day
for the next three hundred forty-two days,
I won’t just know of them —
I’ll finally know them.


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